The Minister … and the tortoise

On the adoption of the ‘’National Day of Turtles’’, a minister in the government did not find words to say, he only joked, as if something requires the ridicule because we are maintaining a normal...

Ecological NICHE

Competition is defined as the battle that is fought in order to obtain what is necessary. It also means any living organism’s defense of a certain source, by reducing this source for the other...

Your heart is where your Treasure is

Where are the Lebanese’ hearts today? Is it that our hearts praise the creator due to the beautiful nature, the natural forests, the beach, and wild flowers? Or is it that our hearts are with...

ISIS and Gilgamesh

Five thousand years ago, the first heroic poem in the history of mankind was written about King Gilgamesh coming from Mesopotamia to Mount Lebanon, where cedar trees are the symbol of eternity, but...
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