Brutia pines and its forests in Syria

 Until recently the pine located in the eastern Mediterranean was thought that as the Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensus), but recent studies showed that the Aleppo pine is rare in Syria, and has only...

State sows chaos … and charlatans harvest

    Sociology studies show the emergence and spread of charlatans and quacks in communities undergoing extensive and profound crises. This phenomenon has been known in societies and...

Natural selection

  The reporter of the Al-Mayadeen television cried, he cried and made us cry, transferring the plight of refugees at the Serbian – Hungarian borders, as we hear today many names in social...

The wastes crisis’ solution is so easy

  A citizen sorting wastes A municipality that gathers A district (Caza) that treats   The problem is clear Land filling is harmful. Dumping into the sea is a crime. Incineration is...

Don’t burn wastes

Many media sources reported news about certain people resort to burn the accumulated wastes in the streets for various reasons, and as a protest against the occurrence and aggravation of the waste...

Phenomenon of Food Fortification

The entry of nutrients into natural water systems is a natural phenomenon, but when these quantities increase significantly as a result of human activities, then this phenomenon poses an...

What are the limits of Land Investment in Lebanon?

What are the limits of Land Investment in Lebanon? Between the projects of the real estate companies and the projects of dams, roads, embankments, landfills, quarries, and Sandboxes … What...
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