For the first time in the history of the United States, the climate issue tops the US concerns, despite the voices that are not ready for a waiver (voluntarily or following a miscalculation), and to recognize the climate problem as a global problem. Thus, the current debate deepens increasingly, with a small difference from the members of the proverb saying that there is no climate problem, they have become ridiculous and stupid appointed! According to the classification of the newspaper “Washington Post” widespread.
We can not approach this issue in a simple way, such as stupidity here, enters the political and economic interests between the members with fossil fuels on the one hand and holders of renewable energy on the other. In other words, the non-recognition of climate change means joining stupidity as an option defended by the campaigns by Republicans, including Senator Jim Inhofe Republican who brandishes a snowball last winter to challenge warming climate.
And according to the “Washington Post”, the observers of the climate debate in the United States realize that 2015 has fluctuated between hope and disappointment. The US Environmental Protection Agency to put his final touches on historical regulations for carbon dioxide gas for President Barack Obama. They include the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases from power plants in America. Indeed, this measure has been instrumental in supporting international efforts in the field of climate.

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