How the new decision of the Cabinet on the export of waste she meets Paris’s decisions on climate change?


The marine transfer process does not emit any greenhouse gases? And what’s going on with emissions of thermal dissociation?


Do you remember the decision of the Council of Ministers issued Jan. 12, 2015 when one of the ministers came out saying we’re going to incinerators as in Europe ?!


During this period, they talked about the thermal dissociation, marketed since 2010.


This project, that of creation incinerators will make some very rich.


These are the projects embodying a monopoly that all politicians have accepted them.


Most abroad is that everything we’ve asked and was rejected by them, has now become possible.


Sorting centers to the Quarantine and will work Amrousieh and garbage piled in roads will be sorted … For export!


You let the waste pile up in regions and invade nature by polluting everything in order that we accept incinerators.


Do the Lebanese people deserve to be punished in this way by its leaders?


We reaffirm that the solution is available locally at a very low cost in comparison with that of exports.


Local solutions to create jobs, use environmental technologies and protect the domestic industry.


We presented 8 August 2015 a plan for sorting organic waste and Quarantine Amrousieh saving hundreds of millions of dollars but they have not responded.


I ask people why the French Minister of the Environment has taken a decision to stop construction of incinerators in the country? This is not because studies have shown that incinerators, and in spite of the filters can not stop carcinogenic particles, in addition to contributing to global warming and waste of raw materials?


The world progresses and we retreat!


The only solution that remains is the overthrow of this system that only cares about the sharing of quotas and seizure of public funds.


And the holidays approach, we ask God to help us make the appropriate decisions in response to the attack on the Council of Ministers conducted on the country and on men

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