On the occasion of National Environment Day, we must be be angry.
We must scream and make accountable the ones that are responsible for the systematic environmental destruction of the nature of Lebanon…
What is happening? How fast are the buildings invading the green spaces, as the asphalt and embankments are invading it?
Before nothing of the safety of the environment is left to be inherited by our children, we must hold accountable everyone responsible for the distortion or destruction of part of the areas in Lebanon.
What are the officials planning? … Dumps, roads, landfills, dams, residential compounds…
Is it acceptable not to leave any forest, where our children and grandchildren can walk in?
Is it acceptable not to leave a clean sea where they can swim in, have fun on its sand beach, or jump between its rocks?
Not to keep a green mountain, as long as it was associated with the name of Lebanon?
To cause the extinction of wild animals, and not leave a bird to fly freely in an open sky, or tweet near the shade of a tree and the trickling of the river water?
To pollute the underground water, and consume even what is floating on the surface?
To pollute the fish and rubble the sea shore?
What do we suggest?
We suggest a state of emergency, along with the suspension of all of the projects for a specified period of time, during which we re-evaluate a comprehensive plan for the arrangement of the areas of land, in addition to the protection of the minimal necessities of life; green spaces, shores, agricultural lands, and distinctive areas of biodiversity…
November 16, 2014 is the National Environment Day, Let it be a day, in which we start to work locally for a better and ongoing environmental field, in Lebanon and the rest of the planet … for us and for future generations.
… Also, to emphasize what should become a belief that makes everyone responsible, which is that the Earth is our only home, and we must safeguard and maintain it.
Paul Abi Rached
President of the Lebanese Ecological Movement


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