• A citizen sorting wastes
  • A municipality that gathers
  • A district (Caza) that treats


The problem is clear

  • Land filling is harmful.
  • Dumping into the sea is a crime.
  • Incineration is lethal.

What’s been happening in Lebanon since the 17th of July 2015?

Complete madness in every neighborhood, in every village and city.


The most basic rights of the citizen are not respected, as people can’t open the windows of their homes to breathe.

How do the days pass without forming a crisis unit to deal with this health and environmental disaster that didn’t strike Lebanon, even in the war period?

The solution is easy and does not require millions of dollars for the export of wastes abroad noting that countries that respect themselves are committed to the universally adopted serial pyramid waste disposal and which has never mentioned the export as means of waste processing.

  • The Lebanese citizen must immediately begin to bear responsibility for the production of his wastes and try to mitigate wastes and re-use and resort to sorting from the source and respect a calendar imposed by the municipality in determining the days for gathering of according to wastes types.
  • The municipality should start quickly to raise funds to gather the accumulated wastes in the streets to the sorting center in each district. And the municipality must begin immediately to circulate the mechanism for sorting and collection schedule.
  • The District Commissioner must form a crisis unit composed of municipalities, civil society members and experts to determine the best location or more of the site to sort the waste, treatment and not to be land filled or incinerated.

This roadmap was presented to the government and to the Ministry of the Environment 10 days before the closing of the Naameh- Ain Drafil land fill and we have not received any response so far and no one contacted us after 17 days since the beginning of the crisis.



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