Many media sources reported news about certain people resort to burn the accumulated wastes in the streets for various reasons, and as a protest against the occurrence and aggravation of the waste crisis.

We appeal to all our fellow citizens to refrain from such act, of burning wastes, to consider that the burning of the mixture of ingredients that make up the waste, that may contains a large number of chemicals, organic and non-organic produce upon combustion, large quantities and number of gases and particles and vapours and high toxic vehicles, that may pose a significant threat to the public health several times the risk of that of the presence of waste in the streets without burning.

It is well known that our waste does not only come from the houses, but from all the commercial and industrial businesses, in addition to some medical clinics, dental offices and laboratories.

Therefore these wastes may contain varying amounts of waste which are classified as hazardous, and when burned may produce, highly toxic emissions, as well as stable chemical vehicle compounds that cause cancer, endocrine disorders and chronic, serious and fatal diseases.

And among us, live individuals who are more vulnerable than others such as the elderly, children and infants,  pregnant women, heart patients, asthmatics and others; and these are more vulnerable to risks when exposed to gases emitted by the random waste combustion, especially that such combustion is incomplete and produces emissions of many toxic and asphyxiating gases.

During these critical times, it is necessary to show a high sense of civic responsibility towards each other, and refrain from burning waste in the streets and show mercy for others.

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