Police said dogs were found crammed in cages throughout the house and animals outside were also found in poor condition.
A Hebron woman is facing animal cruelty charges after an investigation found numerous animals in poor condition at her animal rescue.

Police said 59-year-old Joann Connelly is the owner and operator of CT Pregnant Dog and Cat Rescue, a licensed animal importer.

According to officials, an inspection in February 2020 revealed only five dogs appeared to be healthy. In February 2021, complaints began and continued to come into investigators regarding the animals under Connelly’s care. Allegations of neglect were also reported.

Police said a locked gate was at the end of the driveway and numerous attempts were made, trying to gain access to the home for observation but they were unsuccessful. Despite the complaints received by State Animal Control, police said there was no substantive evidence to apply for a search and seizure warrant at the time.

On Wednesday, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) asked for assistance during a visit to the home, on information received that the owner had moved and a number of animals had been left behind.
While there, accompanied by the Hebron resident state trooper, a Hebron Animal Control officer and a State Animal Control officer, investigators found “deplorable” conditions in the home, police said. Investigators were hit with an overwhelming odor of urine and feces that could be smelled from outside of the home.

Investigators found a number of dogs in cages, crammed throughout the house, including the basement, police said.

Police said the floors were also covered in filth. Birds and cats were additionally found in the home. Goats, geese and a pony in poor condition were found outside the home as well.

Officials applied for an arrest warrant, charging Connelly with three counts of animal cruelty. On Friday, Connelly was arrested and is held on a court-set bond of $10,000.

All of the animals were seized by authorities and are under veterinary care.

Officials said the animals have predetermined adoptive homes and State Animal Control will be tracking and ensuring the animals are going to homes with proper care.

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