Alfa and YUVO announce the official launch of the NETVEE System:
A Made in Lebanon, World-Class Innovation
Beirut, Lebanon, February 25, 2020: Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, and YUVO announced today in a joint PR the official launch of the new NETVEE System after the successful completion of the pilot phase. The launch underscores the kickstart of a new level of innovation in the customer service experience of Alfa subscribers. This breakthrough comes after about two years of hard work and mutual cooperation between the two companies relying on the efforts of the Lebanese team of YUVO which developed the system, which is based on the Deep Packet Technology (DPI), for Alfa. This partnership is considered the first of its kind in Lebanon and is in line with Alfa’s belief in the need to empower Lebanese talents and strengthen their capabilities which resulted in the launch of this innovative, world-class Lebanese product.

Wissam Siblini, Vice President Sales at YUVO said: “We are proud of this partnership with Alfa through which we have developed this system with the efforts of our team of Lebanese experts and talents. This represented a real challenge for us especially that this is a first in Lebanon”. He added: “Alfa believed in us and in our capabilities and we have customized the product for Alfa taking into consideration the modifications requested. This partnership proudly contributes to empowering Lebanese talents and safeguarding the security of strategic information”.

Alfa Chief Technology Officer, Imad Hamed said: “Internet consumption on Alfa’s network has skyrocketed in recent years. Today, more than 70 percent of Alfa subscribers are data consumers. Within its forward-thinking vision for Lebanon’s mobile sector, Alfa had to cater to this exponential growth by developing its data analysis platforms. With more than 500 operators worldwide relying on DPI solutions, the real challenge for us was partnering with YUVO which has developed the product within international specifications which stress on respecting customers’ confidentiality.”

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