Will 2018 be the year of economic transformation?


The current political and economic challenges are strong today for Lebanon to characterize the benefits of next year. At the same time, the conditions seem to be ripe for more than one level to meet these benefits and to make the required change.


Between the economic deterioration and the many negative indicators and the mobile crises in various sectors and the maturity of the conditions of decision-making necessary an important and exceptional opportunity provided by political harmony allows for decisions that were not previously available conditions as imposed by the need to take such steps to save the situation.


This data coincides with the arrival of a new year in which Lebanon has taken the most important step of its transformation into an oil and gas state. It is also expected to prepare itself not only for permission to keep pace with preparations for the reconstruction of Syria,


Expanding its circle of economy as a fan circle of its economic options and diversifying them.


2018, which will be held in the first half of the maturity of the parliamentary elections with the means of open possibilities for government and parliamentary changes may devote political reality or replace it, making some options in the blown change or in the wind!


This will also open the possibility of changing some of the external approaches at the political and economic level and the first of Saudi Arabia’s options towards Lebanon as well as its allies with all the possible implications of such a change, without the possibility of changing some international positions based on the election results and especially the United States will start with At the beginning of the year by approving the American Penal Code against Lebanon with its implications


Next year, is very likely to carry with him the beginning of translation of the end of the war on Syria and the consequences of its consequences on the neighboring countries and in the forefront Lebanon, which requires preparation and preparation is different from what the country has known for many years


The year 2017, which we bid farewell to many economic and witnessed fierce wars in this context as witnessed the next year’s challenges and challenges.


Lebanon is the country of lost opportunities and the killing of time, which is the most precious thing we have. The year 2018 may be the year of the desired transformation, which has become a matter of life or death for the economy and the homeland.

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