The country has two economic approaches dating back to the pre-civil war years. The post-Taif era crystallized and developed each one, especially after the year 2000, which is the pivotal year in the economy in terms of handing over everyone, especially the owners of the project of “economic advancement” Structural imbalance and the end of accusations of incitement and misleading all critics of the “prosperity project” after World Bank President James Wolfensohn personally declared that the boat was pierced and that the crisis needed solutions without perseverance.


The situation is still the same between the convinced that the diagnosis of the crisis is due to the administration and improve only and thus a factor on the modernization of methods and the treatment of crusts and the establishment of the foundations of the current and stressed that the crisis structural need to dismantle and the installation of infrastructure in the economy and reconstruction sectors after being hit by legislation and options before it ended Corruption and thus called for a radical reform in the economic, financial and sectoral structure because the crisis has become deeper and more than any cosmetic treatments and the paradox that all international institutions, including the ultra-defense of financiers and the free economy confirms this approach despite the protection of years and years of the based model.


Today, and in light of the stormy developments in the region politically and economically and in front of domestic challenges, whether as a result of unprecedented change towards Lebanon from the regional forces, most notably Saudi Arabia, or whether the result of internal transformations such as the size of debt and development mechanism and the imbalance in balance of payments and balance of trade and the current balance to unprecedented levels and continuous Not to mention the indicators of the real economy, which continued to decline and collapse in previous years. In light of this new reality, Lebanon can not continue to address its problems with traditional tools and according to the same logic repeated for many years.


Here is the fundamental difference between stability and preservation of reality and prevent failure to collapse and “sharp” of reality produces an improvement even small and fights waste or theft and regulate the administration and adjust to a project based on a new vision qualitatively different from what exists today, although based on the characteristic of solid pillars not Some are still available today and valid.


A realistic vision based on the knowledge of our economy first and its strengths, as well as its weaknesses and its causes, a vision that can overcome the limitations of the monopoly of the natural and deadly development of the natural and structural growth of the foreign economy on the local, as in politics completely, which explains and does not justify the existence of legislation and laws in favor of the foreign producer Against the Lebanese product.


A vision simply seeks the reform and structural change required for the country’s continuation and development and not patchwork and integration under the roof of the same approach, which has been going on for a quarter of a century and which originally came as a cosmetic attempt to what existed before it, bringing the country to the brink of bankruptcy and bringing its youth to the bottom of the world economic vision. And it depends on the foreigner in the drawing of his economy as someone who appoints a foreigner to preserve his borders and sovereignty.



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