The holiday season is all about family, fun and food! Helping your family eat healthy, even during the holidays, doesn’t take a lot of effort. All you need are some tips, recipes, and smart strategies to navigate the holiday season in a healthy way.

Explore these six strategies from our Holiday Healthy Eating Guide. These will help you eat healthy over the holidays.

Merrily manage family meals. Sodium sneaks into many holiday meals. Breads and rolls, poultry, and canned soups are three common foods that can add sodium to your diet. In the guide, we give you tips on how to shake off sneaky sodium, outsmart the bird, dress up your dressing, and treat yourself with fewer added sugars.

• Boost your holiday beverages. The winter season is chock full of delicious dishes and treats, but no one likes the extra calories and added pounds that can come with them. Use the smart tips in the guide for a healthier eggnog, hot chocolate, apple cider, and cocktails to enjoy your favorite winter beverages.

• Plan for (and play during) holiday parties. Holiday parties offer many opportunities to keep your health at the top of your mind. The Guide offers you tips to enjoy healthier appetizers, still indulge in desserts (with small portions), and mix up your holiday party beverages.

• Tune up holiday traditions. Try some of smart substitutions for your favorite holiday meals—the guide offers 11 ways to tune up your holiday traditions! Some of your family members won’t even taste the difference. And, you can enjoy new traditions with indulgent and brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

• Stay active. The holiday season is about spending time with family and friends. If your holiday traditions only revolve around eating, liven things up with some opportunities to be physically active together. You can try the six ideas outlined in the Guide!

• Relish in holiday recipes. Try these delicious, comforting, and flavorful recipes. With eight recipes in all, you will be sure to find the perfect dish for Friendsgiving, holiday brunch, family meals, or winter party. Need a preview? Wake up to a turkey bacon and spinach quiche with sweet potato crust. Think about indulging in the flavors of an allspice-rubbed pork tenderloin. Or, enjoy the comfort that a warm apple bread pudding brings. Yum!

By discovering with these six strategies, you’ll be sure to start the holiday season by putting you — and your health – first.



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