It is awful that animals have to suffer, just for humans to enjoy wearing real animal skin/ real leather. Alligators, for example, are cut open, and skinned, just for humans to wear a bag made of real leather, or a belt made of alligator skin, to boast about. PETA exposed animals’ suffering through a video it made, along with a press release.

The video revealed the amount of suffering animals go through in unethical farms in the U.S. and Africa.

In its press release, BETA mentioned that “Workers electroshocked crocodiles then attempted to kill them by cutting into their necks and ramming metal rods down their spines. The animals shake vigorously as this happens. One crocodile’s leg can be seen raising up after he was cut open. Then workers leave him to bleed out. This killing method has long been shown to be inhumane, and experts have found that crocodilians remain conscious for over an hour after their spinal cord has been severed and their blood vessels cut. A reptile expert who watched footage of the crocodiles being slaughtered said that “the neck incisions would have been very painful and inhumane,” and “There is no probability that these animals ‘died instantly.’”

 We apologize for the harsh scenes in the video, but perhaps we should see the amount of damage we are doing if we wear real leather. Animals are dying in the worst ways ever, and they are suffering for hours before finally dying.
What can we do about this though?… Just boycott real leather… and spread the message.


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