The Bloc Québécois has gathered 25 000 signatures of citizens who oppose the construction of the East energy pipeline. – Proof that the public opposes massively to the project, according to political resources, but the Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, do not draw the same conclusion. “No. It shows that people have a point of view and they express it. And that is what we are encouraging “ , he stated.

In February, the Bloc had been the godfather of a citizen petition Mascouche, Christiane Crevier mother of three children, concerned that the route of the pipeline passing close to home. Four months later, the training was pleased to have amassed 25,000 names and believes that this sends a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the effect that in Quebec, the project does not pass the test of “social acceptability”.

In the eyes of the Bloc MP Luc Thériault, this petition is the first step in what promises to be a long “marathon” in the fight against the controversial project. “We are better prepared for the second stage, which is precisely to counter the oil lobby disinformation “ he argued at a press conference in Ottawa on Tuesday the 14th of June 2016 .
The consolidated proposal of the pipeline of 4500 km has been filed with the National Energy Board (NEB) last month. The Board must review the document – with 39 000 pages – but the Cabinet Justin Trudeau will make the final decision.
Stop Project
According to the citizen behind this petition, Christiane Crevier, TransCanada is trying to perform “brainwashed” with imposing financial and logistical resources. “they spend a pipeline in my yard, but mostly they try to hide it from me, she lamented. The information is disclosed in a trickle, the information is manipulated by an army of PR in short, information is deliberately distorted and basely to make us swallow a project. One of these examples of misinformation is when the company maintains that the pipeline will reduce oil transported by trains, while it will rather increase production, she argued.

The Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who also supports the approach, has meanwhile questioned the “integrity” of the NEB, calling it a “joke” in the project evaluation process.

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