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No matter what many people say about honey, the truth is that not all honeys are of the same quality. Honey, is a lot different from organic honey for many reasons.
While normal honey might have HFCs, which have been linked to diabetes and obesity, and which lead to narrowing of blood vessels, Organic honey has a whole different story.
Organic honey has all vitamins, nutrients, in addition to having anti- viral and anti-fungal properties. It contains powerful anti-oxidants, helps ward off allergies, and helps stabilize blood pressure.


Not only that, but organic honey also boosts immune function, helps heal skin conditions, and promotes digestive health.


We met “Miel Du Levant”, the first organic honey in Lebanon, certified by the European Union at 0% sucrose in 1999. This pure, natural honey free of any added sugar, harvested in Lebanon, is part of a family business that has its own bee hives.

Christy Massabni, communications manager at “Miel du Levant” told “greenarea.me” all about the different kinds of honey, harvested in Lebanon at an altitude from zero to 2500m.




Massabni told us: “We move our hives four time in a year, which gives us three types of honey:

  • The orange honey, which comes from orange blossom
  • The forest honey, which is thyme, oak, and more than 400 flowers
  • Thistle honey, which is made at very high altitudes.”


She also mentioned that “thistle honey is the first to be sold, and it is out of stock at the moment,” adding that “thistle honey and orange honey are nectar honeys, which crystallize naturally 4 months after their harvest.”




Massabni showed us a jar of thistle honey, that appeared crystallized while we were interviewing her. She said that “It’s a normal thing to happen,” adding that “forest honey will never crystallize because it’s a honeydew type of honey.”


She also mentioned the benefits of this exquisite sweet stuff, by saying that “Forest honey is rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It is also an antiseptic of the respiratory tract.”


“Orange honey is an anti-stress; it calms down the kids mainly, and helps the migraine to go away.”


“Thistle honey, however, is recommended for patients that suffer from anemia.”


The number one sold honey, Massabni confirms, is the Forest honey.




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