Dr. Naji Kodeih

It’s not the end of the world, since the Municipal elections are a due date, in which all forces prepare for, each from his/her position in this political moment in all its complexity.

The matter is not easy for anyone especially that the Lebanese authority is collapsing, despite the strenuous efforts by the authority’s forces, and the combined efforts from opposing forces, just to stay in power.

We hear these words, almost every day, by all political powers. On the other hand, alternative powers have not yet formed a clear, solid, and well-defined union, in terms of electoral program and mechanisms of action. These forces are still suffering from “racing” disease.

However, the picture is not that dim. The weakness of the political powers, and people’s distrust in them, which was revealed by the low voter turnout in Beirut confirms this. It is true that the current protesting is still a negative attitude, meaning the refusal of these political forces and their domination, despite the enormous amounts of electoral money.

Although the relationship of obedience for the feudal political powers is historical, and renewed with the forces of power, which in turn form a political, ideological, and sectarian hierarchy, still exists, but it is clearly decreasing. Despite the clienteles’ relationship in Lebanon’s modern history since the Mandate until today, which enhances the power of those forces in their governance of the public and private services.

These services are considered natural rights, and not favors, in countries that respect their citizens. Those who present themselves as alternative powers, deserve applause and congratulations, although lots of hard work awaits them, and awaits us as well. Work, and more work awaits us, in addition to the need of joint action.

These forces should train on forming coalitions, so that formulating a program and mechanisms of democracy, which could alter the balance of popular power, becomes possible. That is when it will be possible to move from the negative public protesting against the looters of the country’s resources (forces of power), to a more positive attitude which drives participation in the popular and political protests, until we reach voting in the elections, and this is the most ideal political expression of the will for change.

A deep analysis of the realistic results accompanying the Municipal elections, drives optimism, and continuation of the accumulation of large and small achievements.

Change is not a sudden subversive state, but it is a shift, and it is accomplished by long accumulations in the right direction. What we witnessed in the recent weeks and days of manifestations of the extreme weakness of the forces of power combined, and the manifestation of the growing alternative forces of power, drives optimism, so let’s get to work.

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