Dr. Akram Alkhoury

If we looked at factors destroying the environmental system ranging from population outburst, pollution, in addition to genetic engineering, we find that this planet, with its beautiful diversity, is at risk, as these factors combined lead to exterminating millions of organisms (every living object), and living things on the surface of Earth, in addition to destroying biological balance, threatening vital extinction, which might be as violent as that of the Cretaceous time, since animal wealth is eroding way more quickly than that of dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Scientists see that every creature’s extinction leads to loss of tens of millions of genetic codes, so how would it be if a group of organisms or one type of species were lost? Size of vital loss in such cases is only given in the term “biological collapses”, making it impossible to restore extinct genotypes, no matter how much genetic engineering excelled.

It’s impossible to bring back dinosaurs to life, because the genetic code’s compatibility within the lexicon of life of DNA, are only the result of millions of years of evolution and adaptation. Any loss of genetic wealth is the loss of biological wealth and a future loss of biodiversity and its diverse wealth.

What do we want from this planet? What do we want to maintain life and biodiversity, since it’s the human legacy, owning billions of genetic information distributed in different organisms’ patterns of biodiversity?

We want Earth to regain its dynamic balance, and we want organisms to live according to their own laws and detailed adaptation. We should live in the 21st century feeling secure, aware of all the knowledge going on around us, since life is linked to environment, and both have the same amount of importance.

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