A society that its members do not accept the criticism is doomed to destruction, as it is no more difficult than the period in which narrows the margin of expression to the borders of the individual’s ambitions or groups who enjoy our pain to stand on platforms and occupy televisions. We have the right to ask: is that there is something that destroyed the popular movement, besides the conflict on sites under attractive slogans, which contributed to the emergence of groups that contributed to the movement of empty its contents, by diverting its path towards individualism, uniqueness and isolation?
With the intensification of the waste crisis, the day we felt weaknesses in the organizational structure of the movement, we have written on this platform “Farewell our dreams” because we expected the fragmentation of the movement. So, is it that you were at the confidence of your people and your families? And do you not introduced a service to authority when you fell in narrow conflicts? The authority has neglected you continuing its projects and business to export of waste.
Today we are faced with challenges that require critical study of the way of the popular movement, no illusions that his officials have pushed people to move towards the Freedom Square last August The truth is they have shown because of their pain and their refusal to state policy.
And in the same context, or are the environmental organizations? And why they could not form a public opinion for the benefit of environment and health after the waste crisis plaguing Lebanon for about seven months? And if we take the number of these organizations, they should at least be able to gather hundreds of their members to say the supporters!
We do not generalize as there are environmentalists who have led and continue to lead a battle against the power and practices, in addition to the organizations that have put the spotlight on the cause of suffering, but this alone is not enough as what is required is the development of a foundation project to form an “environmental lobby”, far from spontaneous improvisation, even if it is fair, because the big demand wishes to build a bridge of trust and clear objectives that allow us to go to the State of citizenship, on the ruins of the State of communities.

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