Biodiversity is defined as the difference of life forms on the surface of the earth. It represents wealth and the difference in genotypes, species, communities, ecosystems and all aspects of nature.
Genetic resources are an economic, scientific and social genetic diversity of different species, these resources are renewable if exploited correctly a method that retains.
Genetic diversity provides a protective barrier against negative changes caused by diseases and climate change, it also ensures adaptation with different backgrounds.
The sustainability of natural resources is linked to the sustainability of human resources. So if we can not ensure the sustainability of human sustenance, we can not ensure the sustainability of ecosystems, including the vital diversity.
The idea of ​​sustainability and good governance, sustainability is based on preserving the resource base and production (ground) first, because we can not achieve food self-sufficiency without good soil and biodiversity can not be conserved, protecting soil will take place when used according to land capability and suitability (land capability and suitability).
Water is the basis of life, as without soil and water, food can not be produced, hence the importance of water conservation because it is the basis of production. In addition, the conservation of water and soil means maintaining the third component in nature, including species of plants and animals, taking into account the human element in this equation. However, the protection of animal and plant species, can not take place outside the protection of ecosystems set therefore rational and scientific way that we should follow is the protection of species like ecosystems, because of the close relationship between the two, taking into account the human element in this equation.
And according to forecasts of the environment for the Arab region in 2010, there are three regions among 34 areas of vital diversity in the world in West Asia, which are: the Anatolia region of Iran, the region of Mediterranean forests, the region of the Horn of Africa and the Îles Sumatra in Yemen.

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