Stephen Hawking is the most famous theoretical physicist in the world to predict which threatens the life of man.
His theories and ideas still of interest to scientists as ordinary people and his “prophecy” has aroused and continues to arouse widespread controversy in the scientific community when he stated that “humanity will not live another 1,000 years that by escaping from the earth, “also a strong belief that man can live on another planet, providing rapid development in the field of space exploration, he even feared that the industrial spirit surpasses mind human in the next hundred years.
Its new “prophecy” is that the end of humanity gradually occur due to global warming and nuclear wars, he even saw that mankind may disappear in 100 years from now and that the next century will be the most dangerous in history.
Some consider the “prophecies” of Hawking are outside the context of the story, but in fact they belong to this context, they are even some of its manifestations and summarize a long way led humanity to survive through time, to the times in which our knowledge has been accumulated by imposing new paths until we became prisoners of what we invent, especially in the areas of new technology.
Hawking also predicted several scenarios which can cause the extinction of humanity, such as the attack of other creatures to colonize Earth. More than the evolution of artificial intelligence techniques which peuvent- according erase humanity itself. He even warned that the killer robots can implement ethnic cleansing campaigns.
Hawking has based his ideas on scientific and technological developments and presented several scenarios for the end of the universe, even if it considers nuclear weapons and manufactured virus form the greatest threat to the ‘humanity.
He said to be careful of the drawbacks of the new technology on humans during its evolution, while knowing how to control it.
The “prophecies” Hawking are frightening and shocking, they may seem to some irrational and contrary to logic. However, mankind does not lead to a path not the disappearance and extinction?

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