Between .. responsibility and insolence

Exactly 21 years ago, the treasurer of the political class has announced a tax on gasoline to finance the series of wages and salaries supposed to have been associated with salary correction that...

The launching of the change … or the failure of reform?

Many indicators suggest the possibility of launching economic and social “Mini-workshops” with the launching of the work of the new government due to some compatibilities that are being...

Crying for “Assafir”… or for our reality?

It is a normal incident if a newspaper in Lebanon closes, but a catastrophic event on the cultural, political, and national level. So, what would the case be like if it was about...

Direct dangers threatening reforms… and the era

Why are Lebanese political powers so eager on wasting both time and opportunities, at a time where severe crises need quick solutions? Many forces in the government agree that this government was...

Names and Quotas .. Where are the projects?

Government of elections or preparatory government for bigger steps? Even if it was a government to simply pass the time, which means that it is not the expected government, it will be the end of the...

The economic challenges of the presidential time

The state is at the bottom, in the various national standards, political, economic, administrative and social. Approach, ambition and speech, closer to utopian idealism and reform. How can the...

Michel Aoun, President

General Michel Aoun’s confidence of becoming president could not have been doubted, although many people were posing questions on that confidence’s source, and one of those people was...

The secret of burning waste treatment plants

Twenty years ago, “Amrousiyeh” incinerator was burned, and shortly after that, Bourj Hammoud waste treatment center was closed… That is when the waste treatment national plan lost its core value....
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