We sell our state to preserve its structures

  The file of gas and demarcation can be one of the biggest reasons for extorting the economic classifications of Lebanon in its political part. It can also be one of the reasons for direct and...

Russian entry into the region … where is Lebanon?

Russia is here in the heart of the region, in Syria with its military, political and economic weight, that is based on treaties and agreements spanning 50 years. Russia has signed agreements with...

Lebanon is not bankrupt .. Who is bankrupt?

  Seventeen years ago, it was taboo to speak or even point to an economic crisis in Lebanon. The charge was ready against the “few” warning of the downward path, and the aggravation...

2018 .. Economically!

Will 2018 be the year of economic transformation?   The current political and economic challenges are strong today for Lebanon to characterize the benefits of next year. At the same time, the...

Economic visions … sovereignty !!

  The country has two economic approaches dating back to the pre-civil war years. The post-Taif era crystallized and developed each one, especially after the year 2000, which is the pivotal...

Starting point to reform the economy!

It is time for an economic approach that is different from that of a quarter century ago. A talk that has been repeated by every official and economist for years, but without any translation,...

Facing the monetary challenges with Economy

In a quarter of a century, Lebanon has been exposed to a series of financial shocks resulting from internal or external political wars and crises.   Since the early days of the beginning of the...
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