Maya samaha

With the arrival of the holidays, we see that everyone decorates his entourage, according to their means. However, and despite the decor chosen, the Christmas tree remains present in all houses.

And as we recently talking about procedures used to reduce our environmental footprint, we shine the spotlight below on how to select a proposed ecological tree.

Indeed, should we put a natural or artificial tree? And is that the Christmas tree can fight against climate change?

Many people prefer to buy an artificial tree that lasts forever thinking that this is ecological, but in fact, the manufacture of such a tree requires materials such as poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC) and aluminum which produce much garbage. This artificial tree therefore has a greater carbon footprint and is also harmful to health. Moreover, the impact of artificial tree is larger than the natural, for the climate and natural resources according to the research firm Ellipsos.

Others consider that the natural tree emits less gas emissions of greenhouse gases from its production and transportation.

Despite the impacts of the two options, it is best to always buy a local and not imported tree.

Second, and if the choice of an artificial tree, make sure it is not produced from PVC. Moreover, this tree must persist for many years in your home, not for a few years only.

Note that some people prefer to make themselves their decoration from the objects collected and reused. This method is therefore very environmentally friendly!

Finally, we must focus on LED string lights and other Christmas decorations that can be maintained long.

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