A big gap between the forestry of the economic and financial situation on the one hand and the behavior of officials on the other

This gap is reflected in:

– Continuation of the policy of spending over the previous period without any change, despite the escalation of bids on the need to stop waste and useless spending and others. As well as the continuation of the policy of non-observance of official mechanisms in the mandates, tenders and agreements.

The most prominent evidence of the continuation of this approach is the adoption and treatment of Paris 4 as the awaited salvation for the country.


Two articular factors are supposed to chart a different course from the existing context:

First: Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s initiative on the socio-economic issue and on the fight against corruption, although some prefer to shorten the initiative and limit it to the latter. And perhaps most importantly in the initiative, the Sayyed linked his success to him personally, with the balance and credibility that provides it with sincerity of intention and direction and goal.

Second: The announcement by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, from the first day of his reign that the post-election government is the first government of the Covenant and with it reform will begin. Despite the wounds that have afflicted the Covenant during the past period, many people are betting hard on launching this reform workshop.

Concerns are large, multiple and serious, because the accuracy and sensitivity of the situation is at an advanced stage, as is the use of temporary and expensive means of treatment. This means that the only option available outside the radical measures and procedures is to sell the foundations of the Lebanese state and its property. The Paris 4 conference is under the banner of partnership between the public and private sectors. No standards have been set so far, while the process has already begun and quotas and sectors have been divided.

These fears are also the result of a combination of political forces and courtesies, such as the fate of the country and the risks of financial stumbling in it.

No one calls for war or revolution because the circumstances of the country are well known, but anyone who has tried his luck as a political force or as a person can open the door to other powers or personalities, especially those that have not yet been tried.

How can Hezbollah translate the speech of its Secretary-General if it does not have an opinion on the public finances of the state ?! In public debt ?! In economic policy, productivity and cash ?! And about any corruption or combating it if wearing the paws behind the paws ?! Which emerged between the speech of the Secretary-General of the First Party where he put forward a program of change and specific points, and then in his second speech, which talked about the areas shared by the forces, especially the subject of fighting corruption ?!

Opinion on these issues can not be translated except in relation to the possibility of implementation and influence and the formulation of policies, which does not appear to be the priority of today, and this is not about condescension or upgrading, even if this is the premise, but the responsibility and credibility and save the homeland.


As for the promise of the President of the Republic, the choice of ministers in the resigned government was not at the level of hopes and promises and certainly the expected reform, and sometimes leaks about the appointment of some of the proposed businessmen and businessmen – if true – calls for anticipation and awe, and does not send signals of reassurance of the course of reform, Especially that some of them are the most active in terms of the economic approach adopted for decades and continuing, which is the same that fought and promised to change General Michel Aoun.

The country is at a crossroads, the elections are important and the importance of the political and national changes that have emerged, but they reflected a decline in confidence and an unprecedented public repression, which puts everyone in front of a different and different responsibility. This may have changed Hezbollah’s position on the economic process. Social and financial dimension that he has been so eloquent about for years.

Big risks and greater hopes, while margins are narrowing and external and internal pressures are increasing.

Excessive bargaining and flexibility may waste a precious opportunity to put the country back on the path of economic and financial salvation, and bring it back to a viable country and to its children, not to a station or a hotel.

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