Because the past is forward and the future backward, we can only see the first, with a certain precision, and hardly feel the second, like a breeze at times, like a gale at others. If at least we had a mirror to be able to take a look at the future … But no. Unless that mirror is the same past that, according to Mark Twain, does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

Every time someone stops for a moment in their retreat, the voices rise warning of the dangers, if not the futility, of the predictions that, in a derogatory way, are labeled as futurology.

The first is true: it is a dangerous attempt. The second is not: not only is it useful; It is also a necessity, if not a moral obligation.

Today, in 2017, we are sitting on a time bomb. Better said, about two, interconnected.

The first is the growing, excessive and disproportionate accumulation of money and, therefore, the political and military power of an increasingly minority minority, both globally and nationally. This increasingly disproportionate accumulation, product of the spiral that feeds back the power of money with the political-mediatic power and vice versa (dynamics that produce first snowballs and avalanches later) will be further aggravated by the automation of work. Unemployment in rich countries, centers of financial, narrative and military control, will increase tension, not because the economy of the rich world collapses but, perhaps, on the contrary. The growing fascism and the micropolitical reactions of the left with marches and counter marches, will only be violent symptoms of a bigger problem.

The second time bomb, is the very serious ecological threat, product, naturally, of the greed of that minority and the economic system based on consumption and unlimited waste, on the desperate growth of GDP at any cost, even at the cost of destruction of natural resources (flora and fauna) and their products (automobiles, televisions and human beings). The displacement of millions of people due to increased water and deserts, new diseases and the rising cost of land, will accelerate the crisis.

Any of these two time bombs that explode first will blow up the other. Then, we will see an unprecedented global catastrophe.

The hegemony of the United States, which is assumed to be peacefully shared by a society of convenience with China, will most likely follow the Trap of Tucidides, and the decisive event, of the conflict and the military defeat of the Pax Americana, will be a major event. magnitude in the Eastern Pacific area. The most powerful navy in the world and history, will find a material, political and, above all, symbolic defeat. Only the future demographic crisis in China (the aging of the population and the anachronistic immigration policies and the discontent of a generation accustomed to economic growth) could delay this event for decades.



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