The attempts to blackmail Lebanon economically and financially have not subsided or eased since the Saudi announcement of the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri.


The failure of the plan to participate in this programmed and prepared in the first two days, quickly emerged as the planners prepared an alternative plan involving some banks and some financial “keys” that volunteered to advise the conversion of deposits from the pound to the dollar, and then withdrawn from the Lebanese banking system abroad .


All this for the sake of depositors because the next days are difficult and bitter!


The planners of this campaign organized the biggest campaign of intimidation on Lebanon and its economic future, from a fan of analysts and forecasters who are aware that Lebanon does not have the ability to accept the idea of Saudi Arabia’s anger against it. Otherwise, the economic and financial events can not be tolerated.


The huge media machine in the Gulf and internationally has been pumping data about the Lebanese economy lacking in objectivity in indicators and figures, such as the Gulf TV report stating that Saudi deposits account for one-third of deposits in Lebanese banks and that Lebanon will lose as a result of closing the Gulf import door. At a time when Al-Qasimi and Aldani know that the percentage of Gulf deposits in Lebanese banks does not exceed 2.5%, and that the volume of Lebanese exports is almost 3 billion dollars and the Gulf share is about 700 million dollars only! And the balance of trade deficit in favor of the Gulf States about 450 million dollars.



The past few days, since the announcement of the resignation with all its circumstances, also carried out a programmed attack on the expectations of the national economy, participated by international rating agencies and international economic survey centers, based on assumptions based on an open political crisis and differences among the Lebanese and internal security tension and potential regional confrontation with A vacuum in constitutional institutions.


Concluding conclusions and negative results have been circulated, at a time when the previous days have shown a form of unprecedented national understanding and do not resemble the political and constitutional data of any of those expectations.


Today, Lebanon seems to be in a position of control of the economic, financial and monetary game, in its first and alternative direction. It has a lot of paper and margins available in the event of continued escalation or resorting to new papers such as mutual investments or the expulsion of Lebanese from the Kingdom or restrictions on their business.


In the past two years, no Lebanese official has uttered a verbal statement about the Saudi war. The same is true today, but the threats and direct contacts of some businessmen and companies, as well as media known as ownership and direction, can not be denied or concealed.


For example, raising the existing Saudi “veto” on the Syrian refugees, as they want and their country wants, and the natural logic gives Lebanon an economic return that is greater than the threat and the direction. To accept electric cooperation with Iran provides hundreds of millions of dollars to Lebanon, which is banned because of Saudi Arabia, as well as weapons from Iran or others …


A real sense of sovereignty that the Lebanese feel these days can be complemented by good relations with everyone as well as by searching for alternative sources of power.

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