The Lebanese agree, which is rare, about the importance of the reconstruction of Syria and its expected role.


Including those who want to rebuild Syria from Lebanon, from far away without any contact, and some of them convince themselves and others that the cedar country is the only platform for that reconstruction, and there is no alternative to uss ports and facilities, and some of them expect this great workshop, the same logic that has prevailed previously, that is, “waiting for a corpse to cross the river”, and determines its position, location and role, then.


Others, remember Syria now and its importance, when they feel the interest that is coming and the promised wealth, in notable absence of this file to the parties present today strongly in Syria.


Lebanon has good qualities and advantages to play a role in the reconstruction of Syria, but


the principle must be aware that this is not obvious or recognized or indispensable, and irrevocable.


The investment of ingredients and advantages needs to qualify and prepare and monitor at various levels,


in the time that


the screams and the noise seem to be filling the space without any thrust or beneficial movement.


Interest in reconstruction in Syria can be divided into three levels:


1) take advantage of the opportunity through the agencies and secure the materials, either legally or in accordance with the contraband mechanisms, with the logic of achieving quick and immediate profit, and that which today seems to be tens or hundreds align for him.


2) the logic of investment or employment, both in infrastructure and real estate development, or in industrial and agricultural projects, which is certainly better than the first category.


3) An economic approach at the state level within the framework of a general economic vision that takes advantage of the scope of possible participation in the reconstruction workshop in order to allow it, through the expected return of it, to correct the structural imbalance in the structure of the national economy as in its sectors, which is missing and is absent until today.


The various contradictory assessments agree that Lebanon suffers a structural imbalance in its economy, and that this imbalance is deep, exhaustive and chronic, until it became a country completely exposed to imports, with an expensive structure and contradictory legislation. , there is no link between them, it prevents production in it and it expels real recruitments, with a public debt that exceeds all the accepted standards, and an increasing rate of service that hinders every development.


To leave such a dilemma, that is, from income to production, from the structural imbalance to correction, is usually:


  1. A) Or in developing visions and plans of long-range objectives the success of the transformations in it needs large sums of money to “Dismantle and install” all the existing structures, which is usually, need a local and international program, not available now ..


  1. B) The explosion, because reaching the impasse and destroying the structure is in itself a form of correction, it is generally catastrophic because it pays the most vulnerable groups most of the losses, and allows the higher categories of people who control the smuggling of their wealth, and then control and monopolize the reconstruction, which is not on the table because of the continued existence of oxygen pumping mechanisms in the sick body.


  1. C) offers a new opportunity to pump financial and create economic activities outside the internal and normal mechanisms of the national economy, which has been available twice in a quarter of a century.


The first time, with the reconstruction of Lebanon, but the political class, instead of reversing it to rectify the imbalance and launch a national economy based on strong pillars and in line with the changes that took place during the war in Lebanon and its surroundings , have resorted to the same previous options, which have deepened the imbalance and have been dedicated to the infrastructure of the economy, as well as to its sectors.


The second time less important is the recognition of the existence of a structural crisis for the first time with the beginning of the second millennium, which coincided with the events of September 11, 2001 in the United States, and was as a result, the arrival of crumbs of Arab money to Lebanon, larger than the need, which allowed the renewal of the financing mechanism, which could be used in a process of structural correction, which did not happen.


Today the reconstruction workshop in Syria opens. Regardless of the numbers in circulation, and their accuracy and validity, between 200 to $


350 billion, opens the door to provide an opportunity for Lebanon to agree with the size of participation, a key factor to correct the deformation, and return to the regularity of the structure of the sectors, through fact Inspecting the strengths of the economy and reservoirs The weakness and the possibility of providing added value to the Syrian economy provides the cost, time and returns to the Lebanese economy in correction, strength and immunity of the Lebanese economy.


The examples are numerous, but especially the fields of power of Lebanon, namely the banking sector, insurance, technology and telecommunications.


There can be no theories about the role of Lebanon in the reconstruction of Syria,


directly or in deception and that pretends to be intelligent, through friendly countries and organizations and personalities to Syria, before starting the first quiet and real follow-up of what is happening today.


preparations for reconstruction, legislative and executive and institutional workshops.


The indifference and cynicism can make Lebanon lose today are some of its pillars in Syria, and in the foreground are its banks operating there, since what is required of them is large, which is reflected in the recent circulars of the Central Bank of Syria, what was issued and what is being prepared.


The Lebanese State has a great opportunity and a role to play in Lebanon, first and then in Syria, to establish its economic vision and the focus of its participation in the reconstruction, otherwise we will dedicate our economic history. Escape forward, or stumble into chaos, or bury your head in the sand.

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