Pine Island Glacier (PIG) is a large ice stream, and the fastest melting glacier in Antarctica, responsible for about 25% of Antarctica’s ice loss. The ice stream is extremely remote, with the nearest continually occupied research station at Rothera, nearly 1,300 km away.The area is not claimed by any nations and the Antarctic Treaty prohibits any new claims while it is in force. The area drained by Pine Island Glacier comprises about 10% of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

A chunk of ice four and a half times the size of Manhattan fell off this Antarctic glacier. This marks the second time in two years that a huge iceberg has calved from the area. These chunks of ice are breaking off a floating portion of the glacier, so they don’t raise sea levels by themselves. Scientists will keep monitoring Pine Island Glacier, as well as other ice shelves that are producing some of the biggest icebergs ever created.

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