Many indicators suggest the possibility of launching economic and social “Mini-workshops” with the launching of the work of the new government due to some compatibilities that are being whispered.

The messages of General Michel Aoun during receptions resolve certain directions, which was till the past beyond just thinking about them such as talking about the budget, the stability of the lira, Rethinking in offers with structural defects, fiscal approach which accompanies the series of ranks and salaries and, finally, the public administration and justice for officials.

What emerged from trends and leaks around consensus may include passing the famous oil decrees and keeping Abd Menaaem Yousef himself – who has alienated ministers despite his scandalous legal transgressions – if true means a good starting point So that the government has in the country, against all the traditions in this area that has dyed the government’s practices during the previous years.

This anticipation leads the observer to say that this reality is very beautiful to the point that it can not believe it, and the reason for this is not the possibility of understanding, although circumstantial, but because some forces consider these issues are issues Of life or death, even if the balance of power in the country has changed to the extent that it is possible to pass what was difficult or impossible.

Here the question becomes legitimate, On the need to examine the content of the appropriate relationship between the title and the content,so the bright spots do not become the operations provided in the economic-social field that change only in necessary titles changes, and Is shaken assured to devote what was in its place, a process that recalls all that accompanied the great blow of economic concepts and propositions that accompanied the visit of the former president of the World Bank to Beirut in February 2001, and his talk on the Boat drilled in the home of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri,  then he was allowed to talk about the economic and social crisis and the withdrawal of the talk about “the country is still working do not worry”, while a crime was taking place a day before this, and the result was to take actions in favor of what was happening under the pretext of fighting it.

Not to doubt the intentions of President Aoun or his perceptions, but any doubt that the team of Hariri himself had undertaken such a necessary review of the economic and financial approach, until he was satisfied with leaks of what has already been said about the understandings , Otherwise we are facing, contradictory concepts or new “trap” operation in the country.

This starts:

1- from the budget and how to resolve the dilemma of the account cut, and then return to attend the state’s public finances.

2-reconsideration of bids, which are originally a part of actions of the political team that controls the basic articulations in the government and its decision is immobile.

3 – focus taxes that a specific team is fighting to make it invalid, is today considered as the first defender of logic in front of it, knowing that it affects the interests of financial and real estate matters that this team is responsible of, and on this basis it has been ignored or Approved or some laws were issued to protect them in advance.

4 – the issue of management and the chain with the meaning of the rehabilitation of the Lebanese administration and that most of the parties worked to hit from a quarter of a century. Necessary issue for desired change, and with other issues vital to success, or even a continuation of the field, away from collapse.

A new conflict and the balance of new forces and the relentless deep crisis, may be that the country is in front of a detailed appearance, as in the magnitude of change in the Presidency of the Republic and changes in the region, and not to enter once again in a spiral where we lose when we win (as country, of course),

and happy New Year.

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