“Raising sea nuts is a really good achievment at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California (US),” said the director of the Viennese zoo, Dagmar Schratter.

“Our caregivers have been in contact with their US counterparts and have received important information to multiply this species,” he added in a statement.

With all the colors of the rainbow

Sea nuts are a very particular species, which shimmers in all colors of the rainbow and that looks like jellyfish, but are not related to them.

Schoenbrunn zoo in Vienna, with over 250 years is the oldest in the world, it has managed to raise some 50 units of these animals.

The success of this breeding is due to aquarium that has been built for these animals and that includes a special piping system to maintain water quality required.

The resort manager Schönbrunn aquarium, Anton Weissenbacher, said today that it is a group of animals “that are not related to each other. They differ from jellyfish because they have tentacles. ”

with bioluminescence

“What’s special is the crown of eyelids that have, with that move through the water, and that glows in the dark. This is called bioluminescence. It is a light that is created by bacteria. Why? You can not say, “added the expert.

The bodies of these animals are formed by a transparent tissue, on which are tiny plaques seem ribs which to swim water move and light.

Sea walnuts initially had their natural habitat in subtropical seas of the Atlantic Ocean in America, although through international navigation have come to expand to the East Sea in northern Europe.


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