Sport is good for health, but if there is much less air pollution. So concludes a new study that reveals how the immediate benefits in the airways of physical activity are reduced in the short term in cases of increased exposure to pollution caused by traffic.

A new study by researchers ISGlobal, and published in the journal Environment International, has analyzed what effects health practice physical exercise in the city, under exposure to pollution air caused by car traffic. The research concludes that exposure to high levels before and during the activity could reduce the benefits of this health.

The work, part of the European project EXPOsOMICS, has been held in Barcelona with 30 healthy people, which has been made individually monitored for four days in different scenarios of exposure to pollution air.

The results show that participants experienced a significant increase in airway function in the short term, which lasted for several hours after performing physical activity , even in contaminated environments.

However, exposure to high levels of pollution attenuated derivatives respiratory benefits of exercise. Specifically, people experienced a short – term decrease in the role of high and low, regardless of the level of respiratory physical activity they had practiced.

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