Between asthma attacks and other respiratory problems and premature deaths, air pollution in cities entails an expenditure of 34.000 million euros (2015). But what if they start to sell only electric cars and most of the fleet was made for them?


That’s the analysis of a report by the American Lung Association (American Lung Association), guessing the situation in 2050, when it is estimated that all cars sold will be electric and the car park will have a 65% electric cars.


The benefits of lower emissions thanks to electric cars is cleaner, which will prevent many health problems associated with it, ostensibly reduce the economic impact it entails. And the pollution from traffic even has effects on cognition.


Europe and the US have already passed a phase of coal, unlike China, but faces problems related to automobiles, especially diesel. Electric cars, however, will not only have a positive impact on health and the economy, but would also impact positively on reducing noise pollution.

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