Whenever we talk about magical plants, we associate with many beneficial qualities. However, we do not imagine that in the vegetable kingdom also exist which pose a threat to humans; those who believe in their environment lower energies and opposing forces to what is to be achieved. We often even live with them without even knowing that they may be harming our lives and the environment they share with us.

Know what they are, know why they are considered negative and learn the precise formulas to counteract their fatal influences.


It is a plant of great receptivity, which easily attracts the scattered fluids, whether good or bad. If I had a potus in a space where constant discussions occur, with confidence, only serve to empower the most; that is, it will soon become a source of negativity.


It has the property to distance love. It is believed that planting and, above all, make her happy is a surefire way to alienate and numb passion. Even, it is considered capable of causing singleness of those who aspire perfume full moon.


The popular belief could see in her power to attract bad omens. He even came to think that having it at home was a symbol of lack of protection for those who dwell there. Witches used to cross themselves every time they passed with some. Currently, only use for sorcery which is responsible for mobilizing forces worlds lower is recommended.


It has the ability to ward off and repel the good fortunate events. A marriage or good news can be turned off by this plant. Those who study in depth the effects it produces, claiming that their vibrations come to scare the spirits of nature and certain animals.Therefore, before purchasing a cactus , it must bless properly.

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