New research indicates that plants can better tolerate drought and other environmental stressors with the help of typical microbes in their environment. Specifically, the plants that are given a dose of microbes naturally present in terrestrial ecosystems remain green longer and can better withstand drought conditions to produce more leaves and roots and use less water.

These microbes can be a vital to successfully plant afronten environmental challenges, including global climate change help.

The research has been conducted Sharon Doty equipment and Zareen Khan, both of the University of Washington in the US city of Seattle.

Microbes and their benefits to plants are a research topic of growing importance and Doty’s lab has explored in the past 15 years many different aspects of this symbiosis. Months ago, his team showed that microbes in plants help them grow in environments that would otherwise be too inhospitable to them. The most common form of microbial helps plant growth is essentially serve as a natural fertilizer.

Strengthen the presence of these beneficial microorganisms to plants could be a good way to nurture them naturally and increase resistance to drought, all of which would help agricultural crops produced good crops while they were more respectful of the environment that all those crops that many chemicals are applied. The assistance given to plants by microorganisms could allow even keep greens to golf courses without using excessive amounts of water and fertilizer.

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