There are people able to obtain quality products under the principles of sustainable agriculture in a simple planter on a deck. The Seed Fund provides a service initiation to organic farming for children and adults.

Originally, an urban garden is not a cultivated area municipalities or made available to the individuals concerned to supply themselves with own productsorchard in exchange for rent.

However, the concept has evolved and today “is worth any space”, and there are people able to obtain quality products under the principles of sustainable agriculture in a simple planter on a deck, acknowledged Calvo.

The ‘Seed Fund’ offer three different models, one for terrace, garden and another one for garden and includes different varieties of seeds of vegetables, fruit or vegetables, containers, tools, soil, compost and a guide.

It is organic, recyclable and biodegradable products; “We want our impact on nature is minimal and turn people into lovers of agriculture and cultivation using sustainable methods,” he assured.

An emotional bond

“It motivates us to be able to create emotional bonds between people and nature and to convey the illusion that we have,” he said, “and although we do not give advice service itself, yes we like to solve any doubt or curiosity “.

Carlos Calvo, “things are cyclical, has always been orchards and are going back to that, people are getting tired of buying in supermarkets and is returning to the idea of self-sufficiency, spend less money and know that what you eat is more healthy”.

With an orchard own “are able to control the entire process,” he insisted, and the effort is rewarded;”Is not the same as eating a salad with what you have grown to consume a packaged, no color,” he assured.

Carlos Calvo recalled that a good organic farmer should never use chemicals or non-natural, because there is an alternative for all.

For example, the ideal land is composed of humus and peat, a good method of combating fungi is to apply yogurt with water to the plant and to scare away snails is best spread along the ground pieces of shell egg.

For all audiences

The web, active for two months, has received visits from people “all profiles”, from young to retired grandparents need to occupy your time or so people remember their youth in the village.

So ‘La Caja de Semillas ‘ is already working on new products, with more varieties of seeds, oriented culinary or medicinal uses, and a special kit for children.

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