At 1400 meters above sea level, 50 sculptures carved Piltriquitrón inhabit the hill in El Bolson, province of Rio Black. ‘The Carved Forest’ was born as the transformation of the disaster that left a burning forest triggered by human negligence there in 1978. It is worth remembering that the fires of February 2015 in Patagonia Argentina left more than 40 thousand hectares of native forests consumed .

As an offering to Mother Earth and as a way to transform the tragedy into something beautiful, in 1997 a local craftsman, Marcelo Lopez, had the idea of calling sculptors from around the country and foreigners to carve the trunks of lengas (Nothofagus pumilio) dried and burned.

Thus it was formed the Civil Asociacion Cultural El Bosque Carving, which organizes the annual meetings of sculptors and deals with the maintenance of this property with the aim of promoting environmental conservation, environment and landscape resource, preserve and expand the artistic heritage and cultural development of the region, promote the use of natural resources in the region as a source of inspiration and raw material for the creation of works of art in any discipline.

The wood carving was declared National, Provincial and Municipal interest, and the entire area was declared Cultural Heritage of El Bolson and intangible area.

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