One of the most amazing things is to insist on having the results we want, no matter how many attempts it takes. After all, only practice makes perfect.


Alan McFadyen, an avid wildlife photographer since 2009, has spent 6 years and had 720,000 photo attempts to get a perfect shot of a kingfisher diving straight into the water without a single splash.



This was the result:




McFadyen told The Herald Scotland: “The photo I was going for of the perfect dive, flawlessly straight, with no splash required not only me to be in the right place and get a very lucky shot but also for the bird itself to get it perfect.”




He added: “I would often go and take 600 pictures in a session and not a single one of them be any good,” adding “But now I look back on the thousands and thousands of photos I have taken to get this one image, it makes me realise just how much work I have done to get it.”


“I’m sure my grandfather would have loved it, I just wish he could have seen it. All of my family contacted me when they saw it and said he would have been so proud of it”, the enthusiastic photographer said.


  • Here are other mesmerizing photos he took:






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