Rich McCor, an artist from London, has 149,000 followers on Instagram, due to his very unique style in photography. He chose to add in figures of popular Disney characters into famous cities around the world. How? By just using paper and scissors.

Beautiful silhouettes of these “heroes” are getting likes and re-posts from many instagrammers.


The unique project was created in collaboration with digital entertainment service DisneyLife who challenged him to put his unique touch on landscapes. The silhouettes of Lion King characters Simba, Timon and Pumbaa are pictured here strolling across the River Tyne on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in north east England.


Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, released in 2003, was brought to life in this image. McCor added cut outs to incorporate Nemo into the design of the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow.



A cut out bottle of champagne looks as though it’s being popped – all thanks to an optical illusion with a water feature near Tower Bridge.



At Somerset House in London, Rich’s paper surfer attempts to catch a wave in the fountains outside of the iconic building.



Thanks to a ball of wool cut out, the lion in the middle of Trafalgar Square appears to be being teased by the popular cat toy.



The claw! An alien from Toy Story dangles from the Finnieston Crane in Glasgow, which is no longer in use but remains as a tribute to the city’s engineering heritage.



A black and white paper cut out of Sulley, from the 2001 film Monsters Inc, rests on the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.



It all began when Rich started taking pictures of his cut out artwork in 2015, turning the clock face of Big Ben into a watch – using just a paper strap.

Great Little Place London, a crowd-sourced recommendation website, then challenged him to design 10 photos for them, and he decided all would include cut outs in what was fast becoming his trademark style.

Rich posts his images to his Instagram account, Paperboyo, which now has more than 149,000 followers, Daily Mail reports.


McCor’s first attempt at transforming a traditionally well-recognised London landmark – Big Ben – happened in 2015, using a paper watch strap to obscure the clock face.

Source: Instagram, Daily Mail

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