This report aims to summarize existing information and initiatives on the topic of women and chemicals. This report is a thought starter and was informed by and developed subsequent to an expert workshop held at UNEP’s o ces in Geneva in 2014 and organised by WECF International. The workshop brought togeth- er leading global experts on chemicals and health. It was decid- ed to focus on the particular impacts from exposure to hazard- ous chemicals, taking into account biological and socio-eco- nomic aspects of women ́s lives. A further complementary scop- ing study is planned at a later stage to consider the particular role of and impact on men. This report on women and chemicals does not claim to present an exhaustive overview of all available data and information. Instead it aims to give an overview of the topic from di erent perspectives, on health e ects, exposures and policies. It illustrates how the topic of women and chemicals is currently covered in science and in activities of international organizations, governments, and civil society.

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